Health Safety and Environment (1st Semester) (English)


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Hazard And Operability Review (HAZOP)
Safety & Risk
Safety Management
Various Aspect of Industrial Accidents
Safety Planning in Industries
Employees Participation in Safety
Organizational levels
International Labour Organization
The Factories Act 1948
Part: 1 Introduction
Part: 2 Health – Cleanness
Part: 3 Safety – Fencing of Machineries
Part: 4 Hazardous Processes
Part: 5 Welfare
Basics of Environment
Industrial Pollution
Social Security Legislation
Part: 1 Workmen Compensation Act 1923
Part: 2 Contract Labour Act, 1970
Miscellaneous Acts & Rules
Part: 1 BOCW 1996
Part: 2 EXPLOSIVES ACT, 1884
Part: 3 Gas Cylinder Rules, 2004
Part: 4 Gas Cylinder Rules, 2004
Part: 5 Boiler Act 1923
Part: 6 Electricity Act 1910
Part: 7 Air Prevention and Control of
Part: 8 Pollution Act (1981)
Part: 9 Environmental laws
Basics of Physics & Chemistry Related to Fire
Anatomy of Fire Definition of Combustion
Elements of Combustion & Classification of Fires
Fire Extinguishers
Hose & Hose Fittings
Fixed Installations
Rope and Knots
Small & Special Rescue Gears
Fire Tender
Practical Firemanship
Fire Hydrant System
Pump and Primers
Smoke & Flame Detectors
Breathing Apparatus
PERSONNEL Protective Equipment’s


             Under Umbrella of Health, safety and Environment (HSE), areas on rules till guidance to process designing is covered. This helps to protect employees, public and environment from harm. (HSE) Management helps to prevent or reduce accidents in industries and thus improves worker’s satisfaction, health, productivity and adds to profit of company. Companies are spending heavily for conducting (HSE) Programs.
            Health, safety and Environment career is extraordinary challenging throughout life. It is also a service to mankind is various forms. Career therefore requires development of specialized skills and practice to carry out day to day discharge of normal and exiging work. This book gives latest knowledge and practical insight to the subject. This book covers latest all India NCVT and CTS syallbus and practices to meet the requirements of six months, “All India ITI- fireman course and therefore as a practical guide and treasure to meet the day to day practical of a fireman.
            The above contents will serve as a ready reckoner for imparting training to all industrial employees, all over the country where safety courses are conducted – ITI, Diploma and other Institutions. It will also serve as a guide to all line-managers for implementing safety in day to day work.
            This, book titled “Health, safety and Environment” includes practical case studies from industry. This, book has been written by experts in the field including one of the author who has worked for about four decades in sensitive defense explosives production areas requiring highest level of safety above all management. The author and publisher is open to suggestions for improvement of contents. Also, THE AUTHOR CAN BE CONTACTED THROUGH PUBLISHER FOR ANY ISSUES OR CONTENTS BEYOND THIS BOOK FOR IMPROVEMENT OF THEIR WORK-FORCE, WORKING IN INDUSTRY AND TEACHING AREAS.
            THIS, book is recommended for practicing engineers, technocrats and other workers in meeting day to day activities of controlling and Implementing Industrial safety management on shop floor. Also, this book is suggested as a Text Book for ITI, Diploma, Collages and other Institutions for imparting Courses on Safety Management – Health, safety and Environment
Wishing a safer tomorrow. 
Chetan Prakashan
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