English Grammar In Hindi Poem

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PublisherChetan Prakashan ISBN9789386953322 AuthorG. S. Khangarot LanguageHindi/ English TypeHandbooks BindingPaperback Publication Date2017 No. of Pages130 GenreEnglish Grammar Actual Weight350Length29Width21Height1Book SizeA4Cover PageColorInside PageB/W

English Grammar in Hindi Poem

For All learners  Words of gratitude

I express my hearty gratitude to God who gave me birth, to Goddess Saraswati who inspired me, to my clan’s mother goddess “JAMVAY MATA” and gratitude towards my all the ancestors including esteemed “Rao Khangar Ji Amer” and I have a sense of unlimited gratitudes for my late “Father Shri Chater Singh Ji” and my late “Mother Smt. Mohan Kunwar Saktawat Ji”.
I would not forget all my kiths, kins disciples who helped me a great by all means in bringing out this work before the readers!
Again, wishing all the best for my innumberable well wishers.
– : Omens : –


The writer has wide experience of teaching English both in the rural and urban areas. The students take English grammar as a very tough area. As the students have meager exposure in the target language it becomes more difficult to learn English. By the way of presenting simple rhymes and in Hindi, the writer has tried tactfully to make the English grammar easy, accessible and understandable.
I hope that by publishing this grammar, book the writer has made English grammar easy and enjoyable.
Suggestions are welcomed from every corner for addition and alterations for the next edition. Thanks to all the fellow teachers and students.

– : Editor : –

Contents :

Lesson – 1  Alphabet – वर्णमाला

  (A) Size of the letters / अक्षरो का आकार

  (B) Sound of the letters / अक्षरों की ध्वनि

  (i) Vowel letters की प्रमुख ध्वनियाॅ

  (ii) Consonant letters की ध्वनियाॅ

  (C) देवनागरी (हिन्दी ) वर्णमाला को रोमन लिपि में लिखने की विधि

Lesson – 2  Parts of speech वाक्य के अंग

Lesson – 3  The Noun laKk

  (A) Noun ds Hksn

  (B) Number opu

  (C) Gender fyax

Lesson – 4  The Pronoun

  (A) Personal Pronoun, Person

  (B) Indicative Pronouns

  This, That, These, Those

  (C) Relative Pronouns

  Who, Whom, Whose, What, Which, Where, When, That

Lesson – 5  Verb

  (A) Helping Verb

  (i) Primary H. Verb

  (ii) Modals

  (B) Causative verbs

  (C) Non finite verbs

 (i) Infinite

 (ii) Participle

 (iii) Gerund

Lesson – 6  The Adverb

Lesson – 7  The Adjective

  (i) Degree

  (ii) Interchange of Degree

  (iii) Adjective शब्दों की डिग्री बनाना।

  (iv) Determiners

  (a) Articles, A/An, The

  (b) Others

Lesson – 8  Prepositions

Lesson – 9  Conjunctions

Lesson –10  Interjection

Lesson – 11  Sentence – वाक्य

Lesson – 12  Narration – बात, कथन

Lesson – 13  The Voice – वाच्य

Lesson – 14  Framing – Question

  1. H. V. वाला Question
  2. Q. W. okyk Question
  3. Tag Question

Lesson – 15  Tense काल

Lesson – 16  Tense

Lesson – 17  subject verb Agreement / कर्ता – क्रिया सामंजस्य

Lesson – 18  Translation हिन्दी से अंग्रेजी में रुपान्तरण

 Lesson – 19  Mood अवस्था

Lesson – 20  Passage

Lesson – 21 Case