Health Safety And Environment (Safety Management) English


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Page : 138
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Product Description

    Under Umbrella of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), areas on rules till guidance to process designing is covered. This helps to protect employees, public and environment from harm. (HSE) Management helps to prevent or reduce accidents in industries and thus improves worker’s satisfaction, health, productivity and adds to profit of company. Companies are spending heavily for conducting (HSE) Programs.
This book titled “Safety Management – Health, safety and Environment” covers chapters from Industrial hygiene to health education from shop floor requirements. The Contents of the book can be readily Implemented on shop floor to improve (HSE). This book has been written by experts in this field including under-mentioned author who has worked for about four decades in sensitive defense explosive production areas requiring highest level of safety above all management. He is presently associated with industries and training institutions for imparting awareness and skill development. Details about author can be experienced by visiting Google site by putting dssganguly in search engine. The author and publisher is open to suggestions for improvement of contents. Also, the author can be contacted through publisher for any issues or contents beyond this book for improvement in their work-force, working and teaching areas.
Thus, this book is recommended for practicing engineers, technocrats and other workers in day to day activities of controlling and Implementing HSE Management on shop floor. Also, this book is suggested as a Text Book for ITI, Collages and other Institutions for imparting Safety Courses.
Wishing a safer tomorrow.


  • International Labour Organization
  • Basics of  Occupational Health
  • Basics of  Environment
  • Industrial Pollution
  • Social Security Legislation- Act
  1. Part: 1    Workmen Compensation Act
  2. Part: 2    Contract Labour Act
  3. Part: 3    BOCW Act
  • Miscellaneous Acts & Rules
  1. Part: 1    Explosives Act
  2. Part: 2    Gas Cylinder Rules
  3. Part: 3    Petroleum Act, 1934
  4. Part: 4    Calcium Carbide Rules
  5. Part: 5    Cinematography Film Rules
  6. Part: 6    Boiler Act
  7. Part: 7    Electricity Act
  8. Part: 8    Environment Protection Act,
  9. Part: 9    Other Laws Concerning Safety
  • Safety Standards And Legislation in industries
  • Chemical Hazards, Storage & Handling of industrial material
  • Occupational Stresses in industries
  • Industrial Fatigue
  • Occupation Diseases  in industries
  • Bulk Storage of material in industries
  • Major Industrial Disasters In India.
  1. Part: 1    Bombay Docks Explosion,1944
  2. Part: 2    Chasnala Mining Disaster,1975
  3. Part: 3    The Bhopal Gas Tragedy,1984
  4. Part: 4    Jaipur Oil Depot Fire, 2009
  5. Part: 5    Korba Chimney Collapse,2009
  6. Part: 6    Mayapuri Radiological Incident, 2010
  • Top-most Industrial Disasters of the world
  • Preparation of Environmental Improvements plans in industries.