Fireman (Objective Questions Bank ) (English)


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Product Name : Fireman (Objective Questions Bank)

(Chapterwise Collection of Objective Questions )
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(Lesson wise Objective Questions Bank)
ndex : 1. Basics Of Fire Physics And Chemistry 2. Anatomy Of Fire 3. Classification Of Fires 4. Foam And Fires 5. Use Of Hoses In Fires 6. Hydraulics And Fires 7. Source Of Water Supply For Fire Fighting 8. 8: Fire Hydrant And Fire Fighting 9. Use Of Hydrant Pumps, Primers And Accessory In Fire Fighting 10. Small And Special Rescue Gears In Fire Fighting Technology. 11. Building Construction From View Of Fire Fighting Technology. 12. Fire Fighting Appliances.? 13. Breathing Apparatus In Fire Fighting Technology . 14. Practical Fireman Ship In Fire Fighting Technology. 15. Watch Room In Fire Fighting Technology. 16. Special Services Applications In Fire Fighting Technology. 17. Air Craft Applications In Fire Fighting Applications. 18. Fire Prevention Applications In Fire Fighting Applications

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