Fire Technology & Industrial Safety Management (2nd Semester) (English)


Language : English
Page : 399/-
Book Size : A4
Cover Page : Color
Inside page : B/W
ISBN :    9788193468159
Price : 399/- INR 



  • Small & Special Rescue Gears
  • Building Construction
  • Fire Fighting Appliances
  • Fire Tender
  • Electricity & Fire Hazards
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Practical Fireman ship
  • Fire Service Organization
  • Watch Room Procedure
  • Rural Fires
  • Special Service
  • Disasters Management
  • First-Aid
  • Air Craft
  • Ship Fire Fighting
  • Basic Fire Fighting Techniques
  • Fire Prevention Methodology
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Storage, Handling & Transportation
  • Chemical Fires & Their Prevention
  • Occupational Hazards & Dangerous Chemicals Used In Industries.
  • Working Height-Safety Requirement.Part : 1 Fall Protection CategoriesPart : 2 Confined SpacePart : 3 Scaffold SafetyPart : 4 Ladder SafetyPart : 5 Working at HeightPart : 6 Work Permit Letter

    Part : 7 Excavation Safety


  • Material Handling Of Materials-Safety Requirement
  • Mechanical Handling Of Materials-Safety Requirement
  • Housekeeping
  • Solid Waste Management.
  • Safety In Engineering Industries
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Personnel Protective Equipment’s
  • Cautionary Sign

    Every year thousands of Employees are made sick and getting injured or meeting with fatal accidents in industries. Industrial man-days are lost and company incurrs heavy.
Losses due to payment of compensation besides, loss to society and country. This pose great concern to the nation.
To minimize the probability of hazards, injuries, risks and accidents, Industrial Safety Management is considered an important area for industries. Companies are spending heavily for training their work-force in the areas of industrial Safety management. Many ITI, Institutions and collages are preparing students in the field of industrial Safety Management.
This book titled “Fire Technology & Industrial Safety Management” covers areas of Industrial risks, accidents, audits and all areas required in Industrial Safety management. The book includes practical case studies in these fields. This book has been written by experts in this field including under-mentioned author who has worked for about four decades in sensitive defense explosive production areas requiring highest level of safety above all management. He is presently associated with industries and training institutions for imparting awareness and skill development. Details about author can be experienced by visiting Google site by putting dssganguly in search engine. The author and publisher is open to suggestions for improvement of contents. Also, the author can be contacted through publisher for any issues or contents beyond this book for improvement in their work-force, working and teaching areas.
Thus this book is recommended for practicing engineers, technocrats and other workers in day to day activities of controlling and Implementing Safety management on shop floor. Also, this book is suggested as a Text Book for ITI, Institutions for imparting  Fire & Safety Courses.
 Wishing a safer tomorrow.

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