Fire Drill (Fire Engineering) English


Code : FE 3
Author : ,
ISBN : 978-93-86953-30-8
Language : English
Page : 130
Book Size : A4
Cover Page : Color
Inside Page : B/W
Price :
250/- INR


Index :

  • Drill
  • Senior Officials To Report On The Functioning Of Arrival
  • Hose Drill
  • Hydrant Drill
  • Trailer Pump Drill
  • Foam Drill
  • Stretcher Drill
  • Pumping Signal
  • Ladder Drill
  • Rope Line And Bales
  • Ba Set Drill
  • Artificial Respiration Drill



Fireman career is extraordinary challenging throughout life. It is also a service to mankind is various forms. Fireman career therefore requires development of specialized skills and practice to carry out day to day discharge of normal and exiging work. This book gives latest knowledge and practical insight to the subject. This book covers latest all india NCVT and CTS syallbus and practices to meet the requirements of six months, “All India  fireman course and therefore as a practical guide and treasure to meet the day to day practical of a fireman.

This book is unique in coverage, covering the syallbus as well as reckener for developing a fireman and therefore should be possessed by all persons working in this trade.

Suggestion for improvement and rectification of errors and missons will be gratefully accepted.

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